PODIFY- Transforming your delivery process with electronic proof of delivery

There are millions of shipments that get delivered at every moment, making their way from one place to another. Do you wonder if the delivery of this shipment is done the right way or right time? Or what if the only evidence that the shipment was received is lost or misfiled? What if the shipment is rejected due to any shortages or damages that might be occurred during transportation and the shipper doesn’t have any access to this information?

Conventional Method

For manufacturing, distribution and transportation companies, the traditional proof of delivery is dependent more on paper-based processes, where the driver submits acknowledged delivery note. The delivery note document is critical. It’s the only evidence of delivery confirmation where the recipient acknowledges and provide feedback.

These documents are logged back at base at the soonest opportunity.  More often it is torn, dirty and submitted in high volumes. This increases the chances for misinterpretation, errors, and inaccuracy in processing. If this is lost or misplaced, it can lead to payment delays or invoices not getting paid if the customer claims they did not receive a shipment. These issues can also lead to lost revenue and even legal troubles.

Digital Transformation – Way To Go

As businesses evolve, so must the logistics which is no longer just a cog in the wheel. The best and most efficient way to solve these issues is adopting electronic proof of delivery system to digitize your delivery acknowledgment process and update into your ERP in real time.

That’s why Autoplant developed mobile-based electronic proof of delivery solution – PODIFY to ease your delivery acknowledgment processes.

Check how it works to manage the proof of delivery process efficiently.

Benefits are clear

From real-time updates to better customer service to efficient last leg processing, PODIFY has many benefits for all involved stakeholders –

Supply Chain Partners (Drivers & Transporters)

  • Less paperwork, more efficiency
  • Faster processing of freight invoices
  • Digital record automates freight calculation and reduces errors considerably


  • Increase your customer service with real-time status of delivery time (e.g. ETA)
  • Agile response to delivery exceptions and feedback on goods damaged or soiled during transit
  • Delivery acknowledgment made quicker


  • Improved SLA adherence and KPI monitoring
  • Authenticated proof of delivery process with real-time updates
  • Instant access to information for better customer service like customer feedback for damaged goods, shortages, undelivered goods, etc.
  • Mobile platform for capturing proof of delivery documents for real-time updates and easy retrieval process.

Check 6 reasons to adopt electronic proof of delivery

If you want to know how our solution could benefit your business, then get in touch with us today.

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