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Logistics Management tends to be a major drain on any company’s resources. Due to the fact that there are multiple stakeholders, a large set of interests need to be accounted for. This means that a vast array of systems need to work together in a seamless fashion. Effectively meeting the needs of your logistics chain, to put it simply,  is a complex endeavor.

Autoplant System India PVT LTD is in the business of simplifying the complex.

We believe that logistics solutions should give you maximum benefits with minimum impacts on your day to day operations. All our solutions support close and real-time integrations with ERP systems, thereby enabling IoT logistics solutions to have a negligible impact on your IT infrastructure.

Our solutions have been proven to reduce costs, minimize effort and increase efficiency. However, we do not believe that this alone differentiates us from our competitors. We are also in the business of customer delight. Be it logistics teams, security personnel, manufacturers, transporters or fleet owners, the customers’ happiness is how we measure success.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the logistics landscape, we invest heavily in R&D. Adding to this investment is the decades of experience we have accumulated in providing solutions to the very complex problems posed by our customer’s logistics management requirements. We find ourselves in the unique position of spearheading the next generation of solutions. With a strong emphasis on eliminating inefficiencies, we focus on generating value out of your logistics chains; a value that is passed down from you to your customers.


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