Control Center and the tricks up its sleeve

Can one really keep an eye on every fleet without opening any application and act for any abnormalities?

Indeed yes, with the Control Centre suite, one surely can


The Control Centre application allows the logistics team to monitor and control the movement of its vehicles in a fire-and-forget mode. This is irrespective of how many tracking applications you use across your end-to-end logistics.

Wondering how? Check the four-step approach to manage your logistics better without diving into the ocean of raw data

  1. Identify the parameters:

Set the parameters based on which you want to control the journey of the vehicle and let the application run the show. Take your existing ERP, GPS Module, Application and the Control Centre will integrate without much fuss.

  1. Capture the relevant data:

Next step is to import the relevant user databases into the Control Centre application. This might include the user e-mail ids, driver-transporter-logistics team phone numbers, vehicle numbers, customer and plant databases. Additionally, there can be a control center executive to ensure seamless CC operations.

  1. Receive notification & act on time: 

Based on specific requirements, different alerts with the violation parameters and values can be set in the CC application. Eg. The speed limit value in case of the Overspeeding alert, Idling duration value in case of Excessive Idling alert, etc.

All these alerts can be viewed in a centralized live alerts module along with historical reports summarizing the alerts for the chosen period. These alerts can be sent to the intended recipients in the form of e-mail, SMS or auto-dialer calls.

  1. Delayed action triggers the escalation matrix:

These alerts are sent out as per the escalation matrix defined as per the type, frequency, and seriousness of the violation. Eg. The first Overspeeding alert may be issued to the driver, the 2nd to the transporter and the 3rd to the logistics manager. But a 4th Overspeeding violation can be escalated to the plant or safety head and the driver/vehicle can be automatically blacklisted.

Control tower sets you free from these mundane activities. If you are looking for a control tower in your business, schedule a call with our experts. We have the resources and expertise you need to better manage your supply chain and business.

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