Yard management solutions, does your business need it?

Have you ever considered the best way to deal with the ever-evolving supply chain challenges that crop up in the yard? The complexities in managing truck arrivals at the yard are mostly dependent on the truck volumes. Managing vehicle parking, long queues for loading the vehicles and sending the right truck to the right loading dock are some of the problems that supply chain leaders have grappled with for decades.

Here are five challenges your business might need to overcome for efficient yard management.

  1. Poor management and truck scheduling

A lack of synchronization in your yard can lead to bottlenecks and problems in having the appropriate resources available at the right time. This is turn effects throughput and customer service. Are you struggling with prioritizing shipment arrivals, managing yard processes, allocating vehicles to right loads, unnecessary truck movement? These are obvious signs that the yard is missing synchronization.

  1. Paying extensive demurrage or detention charges

There are plenty of instances when cargo delays are out of your control. This is especially true when it is at the receiver’s end. However, this detention can be minimized and controlled at the shipper’s site. Since the shippers are the ones who bear the risk of late fees, a small improvement in this process can lead to big rewards.

  1. Facing heavy truck congestion

Improper yard management leads to congestion that can occur both at the gate and in the yard. This inefficiency increases exponentially during peak delivery periods. Manual processes are error-prone. The routing of the wrong truck to the wrong dock at the wrong time creates a chaos. Automated process with IoT implementations will help reduce this problem significantly.

  1. Human dependency for overall coordination

When records are manually entered into the system like yard in/out, gate in/out etc. the resultant data is incomplete, inaccurate and are not up-to-date.

  1. Lack of transparency of all activities and movements leads to no control

The inability to view the actual location of vehicles while traversing the various stages in the plant is a huge disability in the logistics process. You cannot view in real time when something has gone wrong. Corrective measures tend to always be late and play a rear-guard action, instead of being proactive and leading the charge on reducing inefficiency and confusion.

If you happen to experience any of these challenges, there is a good chance you have asked the following question: “Is there any cost-effective solution to optimize the yard efficiency with a guaranteed return on investment?” The simple answer to that question is “Yes”. Autoplant brings a state-of-the-art solution that covers a broad range of functions that increase the efficiency of your Yard Management.

Get in touch to find out how Autoplant’s yard management solution can benefit you to manage your yard efficiently and provide deep insights to overcome these challenges.

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