E-Waste Management and Handling Rules

We, Autoplant System India Pvt. Ltd. deal in Electronic and Electrical Equipment, Code: ITEW 2, ITEW 3, ITEW 4, ITEW 9, ITEW 15, ITEW 16 and CEEW1. We have taken an initiative towards reducing the environmental impact of our products. ecosystem. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure a greener tomorrow by promoting and encouraging electronic waste recycling. We are committed to ensuring the compliance of E-Waste Management and Handling Rules in India.

About E-Waste

Electronic waste is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, non-working or obsolete, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life.

As per E-waste Rule 2016, the E-waste defined as ‘electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part discarded as waste by the consumer or bulk consumer as well as rejects from manufacturing, refurbishment, and repair processes.

E-waste contains many valuable, recoverable materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastics, and ferrous metals. In order to conserve natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment from virgin resources, electronic equipment can be refurbished, reused, and recycled instead of being landfilled.

E-wastes are also considered dangerous, as certain components of some electronic products contain materials that are hazardous, depending on their condition and density. The hazardous content of these materials pose a threat to human health and environment. If improperly disposed can leach lead and other substances into soil and groundwater.

Reuse, refurbish, recycle for better tomorrow


 1. Electronics Recycling Conserves Natural Resources 

There are many materials that can be recovered from old electronics.  These materials can be used to make new products,  thus reducing the need to mine for new raw materials.  For  instance, various metals can be recovered from computer circuit boards and other electronics, and the plastics and glass found in computer monitors and televisions can be recycled.

2. Electronics Recycling Supports the Community

Donating your old electronics plays an important role in the provision of refurbished products such as computers and mobile phones,  which can be of great help to low-income families,  schools, and not-for-profit organizations.  It also helps individuals gain access to technology that they could not have otherwise afforded.

3. Electronics Recycling Creates Employment Locally

Considering that around 90  percent of electronic equipment is recyclable,  electronics recycling can play a significant role in creating employment.  This is because new firms dealing with electronics recycling will form and existing firms will look to employ more people to recover recyclable materials.  This can be triggered by the increase in the demand for electronics recycling.

4. Electronics Recycling Helps Protect Public Health and the Environment

Many electronics have toxic or hazardous materials such as mercury and lead,  which can be harmful to the environment if disposed of in trashcans.  Reusing and recycling electronics safely helps in keeping hazardous materials from harming humans or the environment.   For example, televisions and computer monitors are hazardous since they have lead in them.  Printed circuit boards contain harmful materials such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and chromium. Also, batteries in computers and other electronics may contain hazardous materials such as cadmium,  mercury, and lead. Instead of keeping old electronics in the house or dumping them in landfills, recycling or reusing them is an appropriate option that should be supported by individuals and organizations.  Considering the benefits of electronics recycling, it is very important that people in various parts around the world embrace this concept.

5. Creates Jobs

E-waste recycling creates new jobs for professional recycle agencies and creates a secondary market for recycled materials.

Do’s & Don’ts


  1. Always look for information on the catalog with your product for end-of-life equipment handling. Ensure that only Authorized Recyclers/Dismantler handle your electronic (i.e. LED TV’s and accessories) products
  2. Always call at our toll-free No’s to Dispose of products that have reached end-of-life
  3. Always drop your used electronic products, batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-Waste Collection Points.
  4. Always disconnect the battery from the product and ensure any glass surface is protected against breakage.


  1. Do not dismantle your electronic Products on your own
  2. Do not throw electronics in bins having “Do not Dispose” sign.
  3. Do not give e-waste to informal and unorganized sectors like Local Scrap Dealer/ Rag Pickers.
  4. Do not dispose of your product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimately reaches landfills.



In a developing country like India, most E-Waste lands up in the informal sector where it is recycled without any consideration to health and environment. We, being responsible citizen contributes our share of Environmental Responsibility and aiding in taking care of our environment.

Abiding by all the pertinent laws associated with E-Waste Management, Our Company has been continuously working towards the same. We have partnered with Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. to comply with the new India E-Waste Management and Handling rules in providing drop-of centers and environmentally sound management of end of life electronics.

Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd will receive and recycle customer returned equipment, including all the E-Waste.

Where and how can you recycle your E-Waste?

The customer can drop an E-Waste pick up a request on Toll-Free No 1800 102 9077 from Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Our Authorized Recycle Partner, Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd collects it and transports it to the collection center. No fee is charged from the consumer for giving the goods for recycling and there is no monetary benefit included in the Recycling Program. The solo aim is to serve the Environment by keeping it clean.

Also, customers can drop their E-Waste in the drop box provided at various collection centers of Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.

Collection Centers 

Sr No Location Contact Person Contact Number Toll-Free No
1 B1/14 Basement, EROS apartment, 56, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 Mr. Ashwani 9555999163 1800 102 9077
2 Plot No. 292, Sector-7, IMT Manesar, Haryana-122050 Mr. Kishore 9873592319 1800 102 9077
3 G/D no. 1051, Vishal Estate, Opp- Bharat Petrol Pump, Sarkhej Bavla Road, Taluka Sanand, Santhal, Ahmedabad-382210 Mr. Mukesh Parikh 9727355189 1800 102 9077
4 Survey No. 119, Deokar Building, Pune Alandi Road Kalas, Vishrantwadi, Opp: (Engg.) Near ICICI Bank ATM Pune- 411015, Maharashtra Mr. Samar Pan 9834480443 1800 102 9077
5 105, Sewanti Chhaya Building, Dombiwali, East, Ayre Road, Kalyan- Dombiwali (M Corp), Thane, Mumbai- 421201 Mr. Anjani Tripathi 9643013881 1800 102 9077
6 Survey No. 91 & 92/2, No: 1/33, Kumaran Rice Mill Compound, Tirupati Road, Thiruvallur High Road Vellavedu, Chennai-602107, Tamil Nadu Mr. Gyaniram Choudhary 9080113177 1800 102 9077
7 Plot No. 1, Sita Nagar 2, Near 200 Feet, Heerapur Rajni Pura, Heerawala, Ajmer Road, Jaipur-302024, Rajasthan Mr. Shravan Swami 9261118000/9251118000 1800 102 9077
8 3/7, Jadavgarh, P.S. Garfa, Kolkata 700078 Mr. Indresh 7415191708 1800 102 9077
9 B-39, 3rd Cross Road, Near Bharat Sevashram Sangha Jakkur, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560064, India Mr. Lokesh 9873592320 1800 102 9077
10 Reliable Trans Logistics, B-13/Okhla Phase-2, New Delhi Mr. Ibrahim 9555493838 1800 102 9077
11 Reliable Trans Logistics no.389, Sembium Road, Kathevedu, Puzhal Chennai -600066 Mr. Dwevdi 9884309370 1800 102 9077
12 Reliable Trans Logistics, Panamma Chowk, Jammu-180001 Mr. Narender Kumar 9419622202 1800 102 9077
13 Reliable Trans Logistics, South Gandhi Maidan, behind IMA hall, Salimpur Ahra, Patna-800001 Mr.Satendra Prasad 9431079451 1800 102 9077
14 Reliable Trans Logistics, Mahadeo Munda, Near Kalimander Chutia, Ranchi- 834001 Mr.Briju Kumar 9113728020 1800 102 9077
15 Reliable Trans Logistics, 23 Manorath Complex Sarapur, Ahmedabad-380052 Mr.Rajesh Patel 9374887483 1800 102 9077
16 Reliable Trans Logistics, Kalher Village, Near Kalher Vajan Kanta Bhiwandi, Mumbai Mr.Sanjay Kumar 9999434721 1800 102 9077
17 Reliable Trans Logistics, 161/1 M G Road, Bangur Building Kolkata 700007 Mr. M Tiwari 9831744758 1800 102 9077
18 Reliable Trans Logistics, 24/711, Bhimpur, New Airport Road, Bhubaneshwar 751020 Mr. Basant 9338933801 1800 102 9077
19 Reliable Trans Logistics, A K Azad Road, Rehabari Tinali Near Namghar Guwahati  8 Mr.Raju 7002649709 1800 102 9077
20 Reliable Trans Logistics, J P Complex, MIDC T-Point Amravati Road, Wadi, Nagpur 440024 Mr.Kailash 9823361807 1800 102 9077
21 Reliable Trans Logistics, No. 63, A, Dasanapur (H) NH 4 Tumkur Road, Behind Hanuman Temple, Nelamangla, Bangalore 562123 Mr. Singh 9379757223 1800 102 9077
22 Reliable Trans Logistics, Lane no 14, Opp. Municipal Garden, Tingre Nagar, Pune 411015 Mr. Deepak 9730007723 1800 102 9077
23 Reliable Trans Logistics, Plant no 20, Dayanand Nagar, Jodla Powerhouse, Bhandara Road, Jaipur Mr Nawrang 9351755333 1800 102 9077
24 Reliable Trans Logistics, Plot no 17, Transport Nagar, Ludhiana Mr. Birbal 9316055333 1800 102 9077
25 Reliable Trans Logistics, SCO 1086-87, Cabin no 7, Sector 22B, Chandigarh Mr Jaiver 9312255333/9316255333 1800 102 9077
26 Reliable Trans Logistics, 1-A 600/12, Prakash Nagar Hyderabad Mr. Jammal 9346086996 1800 102 9077
27 Reliable Trans Logistics, Nr Gurudwara Station Road, Raipur Mr R.L. Sahu 9302228182 1800 102 9077
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