Mitigating the risk in Road Logistics – Journey Risk Management

The 2013 global status report on road safety indicates that in India there are 8 road accidents occurring every 10 minutes*. 1,37,000* people die in these accidents, every year. This is the alarming scenario that defines the Indian road transportation system. To put it in perspective, that is the equivalent of a fully occupied jumbo jet crashing every day. How do you, as an employer, reduce the exposure of your drivers, vehicles, and cargo to the many risks they face during transit?

Journey Risk Management is the process of identifying, analyzing and mitigating the potential risks your drivers may face. There are plenty of solutions on the market that protect your vehicle and cargo from theft. There are numerous tools to tell you which route to take, and even allow you to plan your routes from start to finish. The actual journey, on the other hand, has been severely overlooked.

The driver’s behavior is one of the largest influencers of risk on a trip. No matter how well you plan a trip, bad driving habits will always increase the potential for accidents. The focus needs to shift from tracking accidents, to proactively helping the driver while he is en-route. Additionally, a systemic approach to rewarding positive behavior rather than punishing negative behavior has been proven to generate better results. Businesses that recognize the pros of this approach tend to have positive feedback loops that result in better trained staff and better results overall.

The use of machine learning algorithms further improves the quality of your insights, giving you a clearer picture on how to tackle risk. An effective JRM tool will help you plan your route, brief your drivers on the risks they may face, advice the driver while he is on his delivery run and track his responses to grade his performance.

The benefits of an effective Journey Risk Management tool are multifold. From giving insight into the delivery planning process to monitoring and advising how to train your drivers, JRM is a vital requirement for any company.

Get your drivers home safe!


*Source of Information: National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Law Commission of India, Global status report on road safety 2013

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